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Lolly Portrait.jpg

Lolly is a talkative, high-energy force of nature. It’s not until she stops to take a breath that you realize her wings don’t work. There’s nothing she can’t accomplish. She believes in herself and others. If there’s adventure and excitement, Lolly’s in the heart of it. Learning new things, making new friends, and conquering the impossible is just an average day for her.

Lolly is unable to fly due to an illness but, she barely has time to think about it. Even the loss of her hair doesn't slow this adventurer down.

Thistle side.jpg

Instead, she's got her extravagant LollyTop. This collection of fabrics, flowers and feathers has been adapted to meet all of Lolly's adventuring needs.

Lolly with Lollytop.jpg
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