From the creators of Ilklore comes...

The adventures of Lolly,

the fairy that cannot fly.

Experience a realm of wonder in
Lolly's first read-along storybook.

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LOLLYSTOPS is a book and animated series for children focusing on the adventures of Lolly, the fairy who cannot fly. Set in the land of Lolore against the picturesque scenery of Mount Silil, this is high fantasy in a realm created, not by magic, but by the Elements of Genesis.

An escape into imagination, LOLLYSTOPS is a world of lush, beautifully crafted landscapes populated by ogres, elves, mermaids, and a host of other mythical characters. The stories capture the positivity of Dora the Explorer with the fairytale breadth of Frozen, packaged for a new generation.


As a child with her own limitations, Lolly is a steward of hope. Together with her friends she will explore topics ranging from how to outsmart an ogre to acceptance of others’ differences. She will reinforce each episode with an ending message of learning, positivity, and self-worth because she has one goal…to change the world one heart at a time.


It’s in the name. LOLLYSTOPS…bigotry, hate, self-loathing, and bullying. Lolly stops at nothing to show every child they are unique, priceless, and loved.

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Lolly is a talkative, high-energy force of nature. It’s not until she stops to take a breath that you realize her wings don’t work. There’s nothing she can’t accomplish. She believes in herself and others. If there’s adventure and excitement, Lolly’s in the heart of it. Learning new things, making new friends, and conquering the impossible is just an average day for her.

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Instead, she's go her extravagant LollyTop. This collection of fabrics, flowers and feathers has been adapted to meet all of Lolly's adventuring needs.

Lolly is unable to fly due to an illness but, she barely has time to think about it. Even the loss of her hair doesn't slow this adventurer down.

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Schnoodle has a problem…he’s afraid to come out of his shell. Being a dragon doesn’t help his self-confidence one bit. Wrapped in an indestructible exterior of effetam, he’s safe and secure as long as he stays inside. Being Lolly’s friend challenges this constantly. She’s helping him to trust, but getting him into scrapes with ogres at the same time. Surrounded by an array of brave heroes, Schnoodle hopes one day he’ll be free of his uncertainty.

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Gapth is the product of an ancient bloodline of great barguests. That’s why he’s smarter than the rest of the pack. Trained to battel, he's been freed from his conditioning by Lolly. Now, he’s bandaged and on the mend. Making Lolly his personal charge is a lot less dangerous than serving an ogre king…but not by much. Enjoying the good life of unlimited snacks and the occasional adventure, this little barguest is the perfect companion to a fairy that cannot fly.

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Tann is a sprig, one of Lolore’s only sentient plant lifeforms. Taan is also an elemental phenom with mastery over all living nature. As such, they can transform their body into any plant-life they encounter, taking on its unique attributes.

They can also call upon the ancient power source of the sprigs, the Great Vine of Wisdom,

bringing it to their command through any ground they touch. However, they must keep these forbidden abilities secret to keep their friends safe.

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This ogre-pirate is a rotund, bumbling buffoon, bent on retrieving his king’s missing barguest, Gapth. Heptnum is also on the lookout for the fairy who liberated the pup from his training camp. His attempts are thwarted time and again by a combination of his own ineptitude and Lolly’s cunning know-how. That doesn’t keep him from coming back with new tactics. His failures are as priceless as they are numerous.

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Bee-Bee is an orphaned stingray that thinks he’s found a family in Heptnum. Assured by his ogre companion that a reward of notoriety and greatness awaits him in the king’s court, Bee-Bee uses his magnetic scouting skills in an array of Heptnum's outlandish schemes. A master of camouflage and espionage, Bee-Bee pours himself into his disguises, often forgetting which side of the situation he’s on. This is one stingray you can’t trust from either end.

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